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† 大嫌いですわぁぁ †
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Sunday, January 29th, 2006
10:31 pm
And so, クラッチ are fantastic! Those who liked Fils will DEFINITELY like them, no doubt about it. Their musical style is slightly different to Fils, but at the same time is similar enough for the Fils fans (like me!) to not feel like they've lost their band. It really is pretty much the same band as when Fils broke up, just with a drummer, new name and some different costumes... of course, all the songs are new, but Yukika has this habit of not being able to let ANYTHING go and so I can see Fils songs appearing in setlists every now and again for sure. But we'll see!

Tonight they announced that they have a cd coming out in March (I think it was march at least.. my memory sucks! I'll correct myself later if I'm wrong) and I'm SURE Yukika said they have a oneman in April, but he kind of mumbled it and one really heard him clearly so, we'll see! It seems really unlikely that they could possible have one so soon but.. we'll see! Maybe it's just an event, or a twoman/three man.. HMMMMM!

I've just started a クラッチ community and once it's up and running, I'll post the info here so everyone can join (which I hope you will!). Would anyone here like to offer to design the layout for me since I'm completely incompetant? (>_<) Pretty please? m(_ _)m

Edit.. So, I figured I'd just give you all the address anyway.. hehehe... buddys_clutch

Current Mood: pleased
Wednesday, January 18th, 2006
3:57 pm
Oh I am VERY happy... Here's why...

☆ クラッチ~Clutch~ ☆

★ Vocal - 雪花~Yukika~
☆ Guitar - 遊羽~Yuuha~
★ Bass - 希悠~Kiyuu~
☆ Drums - 麗紫~Reishi~

Confused? Need a hint?Collapse )

Current Mood: happy
Thursday, January 12th, 2006
3:13 am
☆~クラッチ : 雪花 new band~☆
And so, 雪花 announced his new band today over DM.. They're called クラッチ. Disappointingly it seems like the other members are infact NOT the other ex members of Fils, unless they've had name changes. I currently don't even know who these other bois are but I'll update when I know.

☆ クラッチ~Clutch~ ☆

★ Vocal - 雪花~Yukika~
☆ Guitar - 遊羽~Yuuha~
★ Bass - 希悠~Kiyuu~
☆ Drums - 麗紫~Reishi~

Their first live will be on the 21st of this month, the second on the 27th and third on the 29th. There will also be a free CD each day to those who reserve their ticket with クラッチ.

More info to come soon~
Saturday, January 7th, 2006
1:46 am
ex.Fils session @ 新宿HOLIDAY
Ahhh, the weirdness that is the Fils bois.. or maybe it's just Yukika?

I saw the ex.Fils members in a session band today.. The music playing before they came on stage was Fils... and they played a mixture of エトセトラ (Yukika's old band) and Fils songs. You wouldn't even know they've broken up!! It REALLY seems to me like their new band will be the same 3 members and more of the same. And they'll probably even continue to play Fils songs from time to time so.. maybe it'll all work out for best and for once a kaisan won't mean.. THE END! *grins*

Will keep you posted!
Monday, January 2nd, 2006
1:25 am
☆ 雪花 ・南海 ・希巳 Session Live ☆ 
Since I mentioned keeping this community updated with the members future activities, I thought I'd better start right now!

On the 6th of this month all 3 members of Fils will be playing in a session band, 異端児.


【ボーカル】 雪花 (ex Fils)
【ギター】 南海 (ex Fils)
【ギター】 葉月
【ベース】 希巳 (ex Fils)
【ドラム】 ヨシロウ

I'll be there definately and be sure to let you all know how it is. This makes me even more curious about the 3 members moving on to do something together. I'm hoping they are!

Current Mood: hopeful
12:02 am
The end of Fils? Or is it?
So, Fils have now disbanded and I was wondering what to do with this community. It's recently become obvious to me that the band are DEFINATELY going to move on to do other things.. I actually suspect together, even perhaps with the same 3 members. They already have live dates planned and they're still discussing these dates on the Fils mail magazines. Plus, their final live wasn't sad. The band didn't look remotely distressed, the fans weren't crying.. it was obvious to me that this isn't the end.

Either way, I've decided to keep this community open to discuss the member's future bands. If they end up in the same band, then this community can just become the community for that one instead! Hehe.

Thanks to all of you on the community for reading.. and for listening to the band. Please continue to support them in whatever the move on to! And keep your eyes open for my next post~~~

Current Mood: contemplative
Friday, December 9th, 2005
7:01 pm
☆ Shopping Service ☆
Ok everyone! I've decided I'm going to order Fils's final cd in advance just to make sure they don't sell out before I can get to a live to pick them up myself (it seems that I can't make it to the live on the 16th when the go on sale, nor the live on the 24th so the first day I'll be able to collect them is the 25th). I therefore need to know exactly who is interested in buying the cd, and therefore how many I need to order.

☆ 2nd Single and Last item 【裏腹鬼畜な恋心】 ☆
1 track

*NOTE : above price includes shopping fee

List so far,
midnitestar7 (of course! hehe)

If you want to buy this cd, please let me know NOW~! (^-^)

Also, I've decided to put an order in with Fils's online store and so if anyone would like to purchase any of the items there, please let me know.

Items and pricesCollapse )

* Prices do NOT include shipping (a flat fee of 1000en unless you just buy stickers! *laughs*) or shopping fee (15% of total or 500yen, whichever is greater)

* If you'd like to place an order, please mail me at midnitestar7 AT gmail.com with the items you want, your paypal e-mail address and your address. I'll e-mail you an invoice soon after receiving your e-mail.
2:43 am
Hmmmm.. Fils's kaisan announcement finally appeared on visunavi.. but so did this.


『Buddy's Rock Crush』

More information is still to be annouced on their homepage about this apparently.. but to me is sounds like 【×××××】 could be their new band (perhaps even the same members.. I wonder)... and their kaisan live is called ~Buddy's Rock Vol.0~ so.. I wonder if 『Buddy's Rock Crush』 is a session? Or new band?

And why do I have to have ジゴロ's oneman on 1/21 and 東京ミカエル's oneman on 1/27?!?! That means I won't be able to go to either of the 【×××××】 lives.. Dammit!

I'm pretty clueless right now but I'll keep you all posted!!

Current Mood: hopeful
Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
12:55 am
Ahhh, Fils changed the background music on the PC version of their site! It's now changed to 【裏腹鬼畜な恋心】 which means it's all recorded and ready to be sold..

I'm SO glad they chose to record this song before they broke up.. SO VERY GLAD!! Everyone.. go listen @ http://www.fils-13.com/top.html

*dances around the room doing the dances because.. I'm just that lame!*
Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
3:22 am
★☆ Fils FINAL release ☆★
★☆ 【裏腹鬼畜な恋心】 ☆★
1 track
Release 12/16 - LIVE ONLY

If you'd like to order this final release through me or Fils's earlier release 【赤黒林檎~アカグロリンゴ】 and any live only goods (photos, stickers and occasionally polaroids), please mail me at midnitestar7 AT gmail.com
Please mail me as soon as possible because if the interest is great enough, I might decide to put an advanced order in with the band to ensure I can purchase enough copies.

Also, to those wondering, the release of 【バレッタ】 has been officially cancelled. (T_T)
Wednesday, November 30th, 2005
11:47 pm
破邪斗 (gt) 脱退 + Fils 解散
Oh, how I hate to be the one to have to make these announcements.

The following things were announced about 2mins ago over DM.

★ - Hayato (gt) has left the band. (and they've also gained Nozomi on bass)

★ - On December 26th, Fils will break up.

★ - One final CD, 【裏腹鬼畜な恋心】 will be released next month.

I should have realized really, after the ridiculous announcement of the 1 month activity suspension that things just weren't right. I wish I could have written this all more eloquently but.. I'm just really really disappointed.. and it's hard to think clearly when you're crying. I'll try and write it all up better later... (T_T)

Current Mood: disappointed
Sunday, November 6th, 2005
2:23 am
Today's live~~
Unfortunately, today Fils had a big announcement to make at their live. After the recent disappearance of Mayami (dr) and then the postponement of their 2 upcoming cd releases one due out last month and one this month), I REALLY wasn't expecting anything good to come out of it. I almost had hope when Yukika (vo) said, "Yeah, lately all announcements have been really bad right?" in a joking manner and was sure he was going to go on to say something good. Of course he didn't.

However the news isn't actually bad at all! The announcement was that they're going on an activity suspension.
Why isn't this a bad thing?


Yes, they'll be back again next month to do a death tour of 8 lives all between December 16th and 26th. They're planning to release the cds sometime then too, but no concrete information as of yet. Why they decided to freak everyone out by making a big deal of ONLY A MONTH away from lives I don't know.. a lot of bands don't even play that regularly anyway! Crazy bois.

Also, Fils updated their PC site today after the live so if you're interested, go and take a look HERE~!. Make sure you check out the samples too~~

Current Mood: relieved
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